Frequently Asked Questions

Every situation is unique and depends on the severity of the damage. If we cannot repair your bearing(s), our sister division, Bearing and Drive Systems, may have a replacement in stock. Manufacturing a new bearing can take 8-12 weeks on average for bearings with standard materials. Specialty metals could take longer.

Yes. However, we do require a sample or detailed drawing to determine if it is within our capabilities.

We work with all big-name manufacturers as approved modifying vendors. Anything from preload changes, snap rings, lubrication features, clearance changes, and lifting holes to name a few.

BMC holds our tolerancing that meets or exceeds ABMA and large manufacturer's standards.

It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for storage. Proper storage starts with a clean bearing, we have parts washers that can accommodate bearing around 4’ in diameter, and we have wash tanks that can handle anything larger. BMC uses rust inhibitor, Cosmoline for longer storage, VCI wrap, and vinyl wrap over that to ensure no outside contamination can attack the bearing.

We can help you find the right grease for your application by working with the manufacturer to find what grease best suits your workload.

We provide a superior quality service at a very competitive price and lead time.  Most often, we hold more consistent and tighter tolerances than our competitors.  This is why major manufacturers and distributors prefer and recommend our services. Our bearings are fully warrantied for both material and manufacturing.

Depending on the level of the repair customers can see upwards of around 60% cost saving from price of a new bearing.

Ceramic is known to handle higher speeds and loads and can withstand higher temperatures compared to steel.  It is also harder and lighter than steel.

Depending on the initial damage and customer needs/timeframes the repaired bearing is returned in a like new condition, meaning you could see a new life cycle.

Major bearing manufacturers and distributors, trust BMC to provide a superior quality service in a timely manner.

BMC was established back in 1934 a source for reconditioning bearings during the shortages cause by the Great Depression.  Over the past 85+ years BMC has evolved into a leader of manufacturing, modifying, and repairing bearings.

Our quality system operates in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality standard.

Yes, we are active members of those organizations and are ISO9001:2015 certified.

By getting your existing inventory modified you save time on looking for new inventory and getting the sale now instead of possibly losing it because of the lead time for acquiring a new bearing.

The key to costly downtime is being proactive in your companies maintenance programs ex. Being a bearing replacement program regular inspection of bearings and having them regularly clean/polishing/repaired.

We handle this on a case-by-case basis.  But in general, when certain costs such as machine set up can be spread over a larger quantity, we are able to lower the per unit cost which in turn can lead to lower unit pricing.

We would review your request with production and procurement.  If we can accommodate your request, an expedite fee may apply.

We do not have a minimum order quality, but our minimum invoice amount is $125.00.