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Is Bearing Manufacturing Holding You Back?

Would hassle-free ordering make your life easier?

Are you struggling to find a company to manufacturer obsolete bearings?

Do you need answers to your bearing questions?

Is dealing with long lead times from manufacturers a problem you’ve experienced?

Do you run into situations where you need custom bearing solutions?

Is made in the USA with US Steel important to you?

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Get The Bearings You Need When You Need Them With BMC

Custom solutions to help you lead your industry

Avoid Long Lead Times

If your supply chain has a long lead time, you can get what you need from BMC faster.

Save Money

In most situations, you can get the bearings you need with no minimum order quantity on select products.

Get The Right Solution

No matter what your situation, we can help you find a solution quickly.

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We Know How Costly Downtime Can Be.

We’re Here For You.

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  • Modified and Manufactured 1.2 M Bearing & Bearing Components Since 2010
  • Providing Bearing Manufacturing Services Since 1934
  • Countless Downtime Hours Saved

Bearing & Bearing Components that We Manufacture:

Custom solutions that fit your needs

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Ball Bearings

Z Mill Backing Bearing


Outer & Inner Races


Thrust Bearings

Thrust Races


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Do You Need Help With Reverse Engineering?

No drawings, no problem.  Provide us with a sample and we can produce prints for manufacturing with our reverse engineering capabilities.

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Our Process

  • Precision Equipment / Custom Manufacturing
  • CNC & Manual Mills, Grinders & Lathes
  • Size Capability from ¼” diameter to 18’ diameter
  • Steel Traceability
  • Tolerance Verification
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Full Metrology Lab / CMMs (Coordinate Measure Machine)
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Approved Manufacturing Vendor For All Major Distributors




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How it Works

1. Tell Us Your Problem

2. Get a Solution

3. Keep Your Customers Moving

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6 Bearing Solutions That Will Save You Time and Money

If you’re looking for ways to help your organization to save money and time, then you need to check out these 6 bearing solutions that will save you time and money, which will make you the problem solving hero of your branch!

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