Bearing Repair Services That Extend Bearing Life & Save You Money

Reduce Downtime & Lead Time • Cost Savings • Increase Bearing Life

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Do you wish there was an easy way to get bearings repaired?

Do you feel your only option is to buy new bearings?

Is decreasing your downtime a challenge?

Is showing a cost savings for customers a priority?

Do you have a bearing that needs to be repaired?

Do you have a timeline that has put you in a bind?

Would you like to extend the life of your bearing rather than buying new?

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Bearing Repair Services To Meet Your Needs

  • Bearings held with a magnet to ensure no added stress is put on your product
  • Precision Equipment / Custom Manufacturing
  • CNC & Manual Mills, Grinders & Lathes
  • Size Capability up to 18 feet in diameter
  • Steel Traceability
  • Tolerance Verification
  • Temperature Controlled to hold precision tolerances
  • Full Metrology Lab / CMMs (Coordinate Measure Machine)

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We Know How Costly Downtime Can Be.

We’re Here For You.

  • Modified and Manufactured 1.2 M Bearing & Bearing Components Since 2010
  • Providing Bearing Manufacturing Services Since 1934
  • Countless Downtime Hours Saved

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Get The Bearings You Need When You Need Them With BMC

Custom solutions to help you lead your industry

Avoid Long Lead Times

If your supply chain has a long lead time, you can get what you need from BMC faster.

Save Money

Get the bearings you need with no minimum order quantity.

Get The Right Solution

No matter what your situation, we can help you find a solution quickly.

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Repair Levels

Class A
Complete Rebuild to reconfigure the geometry where we remanufacture the components which come with 1 year warranty, same as new.

Class B
Polish only to remove high spots and burrs and does not come with warranty .

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6 Bearing Solutions That Will Save You Time and Money

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