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How the Remanufacturing Process works with BMC.

The remanufacturing process provides our customer with a bearing equal to or better than the original.To accomplish this requires the removal of the fatigued material on the raceways and the rollers and calculating new internal geometry.

The fatigued surfaces result from repeated deformation between roller and raceways. The stress cycle of this action is a function of load and speed and causes high stresses at the roller and raceway contact. Generally, such damage runs to a depth of .002" or less. The material at the contact area of the roller and the raceway is fatigued by a bending action. If operation continues until the material stress limit is reached the fatigued contact area will be the nucleus for coarse grain spalling.

The process of remanufacturing is as complex as a new manufacturing with respects to tolerances, finishes and geometry. By grinding away the fatigued material to create new contact surfaces on the raceways, we can then re-engineer the internal geometry and manufacture new rollers. This process produces a remanufactured bearing comparable to new. Calculations, dimensions, angles and finishes meet the accuracies of a new bearing.

The savings to our customers result from using the existing races as a raw material for the remanufactured bearing. The savings can be substantial, while providing a bearing equal to or better than the original. The savings is not only in money but in time, as the raw material is already delivered.

Levels of remanufacturing:

Class A: Disassemble bearing complete, clean, dimensional inspection, polish external surfaces, grind raceways to remove fatigued material, calcualte new geometry, manaufacture new or frind existing rollers, mill cage as needed, assemble, preserve, wrap, box. Note: This level of remanufacture comes with a one yearwarranty.

Class B: Disassemble bearing complete, clean, dimensional inspect as needed, polish all surfaces, hand grind spalls as needed, clean cages, mark "No Load Zone" if required, assemble, preserve, wrap and box. Note: This level of repair comes with a warranty for workmanship.

Class C: Remove bearing from box, unwrap, identify bearing part number, clean confirm bearing is in usable condition, mark bearing per customer requirements, preseve, wrap box. Note: Special programs may be established to meet customer requests. This level of repair comes with a warranty of workmanship.

Class MFG"New": With State of the art modeling software and ultra precision CMM measuring equipment, Bearing Manufacturing Company, Inc. also has the capability to manufacture new anti-friction bearings using the same quality bearing steel as the large manufactures. All new bearings will meet the ABMA (American Bearing Manufacturers Association) standards.

Do you wish there was an easy way to get bearings repaired?

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Bearing Repair Services To Meet Your Needs

  • Bearings held with a magnet to ensure no added stress is put on your product
  • Precision Equipment / Custom Manufacturing
  • CNC & Manual Mills, Grinders & Lathes
  • Size Capability up to 18 feet in diameter
  • Steel Traceability
  • Tolerance Verification
  • Temperature Controlled to hold precision tolerances
  • Full Metrology Lab / CMMs (Coordinate Measure Machine)

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Z-Mill Bearings

Z-Mills are cold rolling mills designed to process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals to close tolerances. 

Z-Mill bearing, also known as backing bearings, were designed to improve steel rolling products' precision. The bearings have been developed for cold rolling mills but can be used for other applications. 

History and Composition

Another advantage of the Z-Mill is that the small work rolls provide a sharper bite, more significant pressure, and less roll deflection than a four high mill and can roll stainless top gage without softening the roll. 

These mills run at speeds ranging from 500MPM to 1000MPM. The material of the rolls must be of outstanding quality, clean, and free from inclusions and defects at such high rates. 

A Z-Mill is comprised of:

  • Work rolls
  • 1st intermediate rolls
  • 2nd intermediate rolls-exerts tension on the coil
  • Z-High mill roll
  • Back-up bearings

The combination of high pressure and tension makes the mill capable of rolling materials thin and flat. 

"Backing bearings in the middle of the roll are subject to heavier loads than those at the ends of the roll. As the middle bearings wear more than the others, they should be replaced more often."

A modern Z-mill configuration takes heavier reductions per pass and achieves thinner gauges. More rigid materials can be rolled without intermediate anneals and can produce a better surface through this mill.

Five Levels of Z- Mill Bearing Repair

Even bearings that have been adequately maintained undergo repeated stress cycles and maybe on the verge of fatigue. There are five levels of bearing repair to consider to ensure the best quality.

The operations are listed below in order of increasing repair time, difficulty, and cost.

Level 1

  • Disassemble
  • Clean
  • Complete overall visual and dimensional inspection
  • Hardness check
  • A written inspection report, including condition, recommended repair level, repair cost, and delivery schedule
  • Reassemble
  • Preserve
  • Wrap in VCI paper with protective packaging
  • Box and ship

Level 2

  • Includes level 1
  • Plus regrinding the O.D. and polishing all parts

Level 3

  • Includes level 2
  • Plus grinding races, new rollers, and spacers

Level 4

  • Includes level 3
  • Plus, new inner race

Level 5

  • Includes level 1
  • Plus, a new outer race

Level 5 remanufacturing saves money and time and is guaranteed like a new bearing.

Z-Mill Repair Process (Step-by-Step)

Step 1. When the bearings are received, they are cleaned and etched.

Step 2. The bearings are then inspected. At the initial inspection stage, a technician disassembles and checks for cracks, spalling, heavy pitting, rust, and hardness. All components are kept in individual boxes to prevent mixing.

Step 3. An inspection report is generated showing the condition of each component.

Step 4. A quote will be submitted to the customer with the inspection report recommending the level of repair needed.

Step 5. Once a purchase order is received, that will start the repair process.

Step 6. The inner and outer races are hand polished.

Step 7. The rollers are vibratory polished, and all components are then cleaned and assembled for initial gauging.

Step 8. Once the initial gauging is completed, the bearings receive target sizes.

Step 9. The outer races will then go to the grinding process.

Bearing Repair Videos

Slewing Ring Repair

Remanufacturing & Repair

Cold Rolling & Z-Mill Industry

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Repair Points


Bearing comes in for inspection. A detailed report is created with photos of each component and our recommendation for repair class.

If Bearing is deemed repairable, we send the report along with quote for repair that includes price and lead time.

Once repair order is places, we complete the repair in the quoted time and send back direct to our customer or blind ship it to their customer.

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